🐾 Ruby's 17th Birthday Fundraiser! 🐾

In June 2020, Ruby received the most amazing news -- she was asked to join PawPADs Partner Training Camp to see if she would be matched with a service dog. After nearly 3 years on the waiting list, she could not wait to see if she would "click" with one of the dogs.

It was clear from their first interactions that Ruby and Charlie were a perfect match! Ruby was so excited to welcome Charlie into her life as her helper and friend. Since they were matched, Charlie has brought so much independence and joy into Ruby's life.

Ruby wants to give back to PawPADs, so that other people can experience the amazing benefits of having an assistance dog in their lives.

Instead of cards or gifts for her birthday, Ruby is asking for donations to PawPADs to help support their amazing mission. She has a goal of raising $1,700 for PawPADs in honor of her 17th birthday! Best of all, every donation to PawPADs will be matched up to a total of $6,000 until November 18! 

Will you help Ruby meet her goal? 

We will update this page regularly so keep checking back!

Update 1:
We are so excited to be launching this fundraiser for PawPADs in honor of Ruby's 17th birthday! Charlie has blessed Ruby's life in so many ways and she wants to pay it forward by raising funds to help PawPADs place more assistance dogs with the people who need them! Thank you for your love and support -- it means so much!

Update 2:
In just a little over an hour we have already raised $682 -- that's 40% of our goal! We are beyond ecstatic and so grateful to everyone who has donated! Happy tears over here! 😍

You can also shop the PawPADs collection --100% of the proceeds go to this amazing nonprofit!