Braille Personalization Guidelines

Want to create a special, one of a kind message on your Braille accessories and jewelry? Here's some info and guidelines to help you make the most of the limited space available on our pieces.

  • Braille is significantly larger than print. We have carefully selected the number of Braille characters that fit on each piece in our line
  • We have included a "CUSTOMIZATION INFORMATION" section in the description of each of our personalized pieces, which lists all of your Braille message options for that piece
  • Capital letters in Braille require 2 characters and take up extra space, therefore all designs are created in lowercase by default, even if you capitalize them in the text box
  • If you want a capital letter, please place a period . directly before the letter you wish to capitalize (example: .ruby or .angie). This is the ONLY way we will capitalize a letter
  • Some words and phrases may be shorter in contracted (Grade 2) Braille than their uncontracted Braille or English versions (for example, friend is only 2 characters in contracted Braille). You can type your word or phrase into this website to determine how long it will be: (make sure to select Grade 2 Braille and Unicode Braille). If your word or phrase meets the character limit in Braille, but does not fit into the text box in the product listing, type the word CUST into the text box and leave a detailed note at checkout of the phrase you wish to use. If the message you give us the note box is too long for the piece, we will email you for a replacement message. If we don't hear back from you in 5 business days, we will cancel that part of your order. 
  • Please double check the spelling of your personalization -- we will be embossing it exactly as you type it and you are responsible for any typos

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We look forward to seeing your Braille messages and creating accessories that reflect your unique personality! Please direct questions about personalization to before checking out